Baymont Townhomes, by Isola Homes, in Montlake

Now Available - NTerNow

Isola Homes is excited to announce that we've launched NTerNow on select properties! NTerNow is an amazing new system that allows you to access select homes sunup to sundown, without an agent, privately, and at your convenience. It's incredibly easy! 

This is how it works: when you find one of our homes with the NTerNow system that you want to tour, take a trip to visit the home. It will be easily recognizable thanks to the orange sign out front! Then, call the phone number on the front door or download the NTerNow app. Verify your identity, provide the property ID number, and you'll receive an access code for the lock on the front door. Enter the code on the front door keypad and turn the knob to open the door. That's it! After you've checked out the home to your satisfaction, just make sure to close the door behind you and it will lock automatically.

Which Isola Homes have NTerNow? You can tour select homes at:


We look forward to welcoming you to an Isola home!

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Directions for Using the NTerNow App for Isola Homes