Living Room in one of the Baymont Townhomes

AeroBarrier - Making Isola Homes Greener

At Isola Homes, we're constantly on the lookout for new ways to make our homes more energy efficient. That search led us to discover the innovative new technology that is AeroBarrier. AeroBarrier is an air sealing technology that finds and removes leaks from your home. It ensures that your home has:

  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Fewer dust particles, pollen, and mold spores
  • Fewer ways pests can enter the home
  • Less noise pollution and exterior odors
  • More comfortable, even indoor temperatures
  • Better energy efficiency 
  • Lower utility bills


the AeroBarrier process 

First, the area to be treated is prepped by covering openings like windows, doors, outlets, and ducts as well as any horizontal surfaces. Then the space is pressurized. AeroBarrier, which is a waterborne acrylic sealant, is sprayed into the pressurized area. It's self-guided to the visible and invisible leaks in the building envelope. It accumulates across the surface of leaks of up to 1/2". As the application process continues, a technician will monitor the Air Changes per Hour, or ACH, in real time. ACH measures how much air leaks out of the home. After the process is completed, a final blower door test is conducted to verify that the home has been sealed to the appropriate levels of envelope tightness.

Typically, the AeroBarrier application process takes about 4 hours from start to finish. Once that's complete, the space will need to be aired out for a half-hour. After that time has elapsed and all equipment has been removed, construction work can resume in that space with minimal to no impact on the construction schedule.

The sealant is GreenGuard Gold Certified, which means that it meets stricter certification requirements that are typically used for facilities like schools and hospitals. In addition, it's low VOC with no off-gassing.


AeroBarrier in Isola Projects

The first Isola homes to be completed with AeroBarrier were the Baymont Townhomes in Montlake, which were completed in Spring 2020. However, this new sealant will be a standard feature in all Isola homes moving forward.