What are the reasons to buy a Built Green home?

At Isola Homes, we believe that owning a Built Green home comes down to responsible ownership. There are many reasons to own a Built Green home ranging from health benefits and conserving natural resources to reducing waste and protecting the area's aquatic habitats and ecosystems. Homes that are built green also save money on operating costs because of more efficient energy use with such features as extra insulation, high-efficiency water heaters, lighting and appliances, and the use of natural day lighting techniques. To find out more visit www.builtgreen.net.

Are your homes Built Green?

Yes. Isola Homes cares about our customers and the environment. While our homes will range in their Built Green rating of 3 stars and higher, we are committed to implementing innovative and sustainable design and environmental stewardship in our construction techniques. Our homes stand for their livability, quality of construction and energy efficiency.

I have a piece of land and would like to have Isola build one of its existing plans on it. Is this possible?

Isola does not sell its home plans. In addition we do not build for third parties. There is a lot of coordination and planning necessary to handle the building process. If we brought in a third party there would be another layer of management necessary which means we increase our overhead. In order to keep our pricing competitive while offering a product that is superior we have made the decision not to do this.

Does Isola build custom homes?

At this time Isola is not set up to build custom homes. However, there is a great deal of planning, design and creative energy that goes into every Isola home to ensure that it meets with our standards of construction and livability. We rarely repeat our home designs, so in essence, each Isola home is unique. Our homes are built with the same level of care and attention that any custom home would possess without the hassle and hefty price tag of most custom built homes.

Does a warranty come with an Isola home?

Yes. Every Isola Home comes with the protection of a one year, limited warranty. In addition, you will also have coverage from manufacturers warranties on certain items.

Where can I find an Isola Home?

Please visit the “Communities” section of our site for a current listing of available homes and homes that are coming soon. In general, our focus is on building homes in core Puget Sound neighborhoods. We are always seeking out great opportunities to build in Seattle and on the Eastside.

What is a Preferred Builder Property?

A "Preferred Builder Property" signifies projects built by an outside party and listed on Isola Homes' website.