The Isola Difference

You have choices.

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to deciding which builder to buy from. We are details people. Like you, we care about every element of your home’s construction, right down to the finishes and fixtures. Our commitment to design and craftsmanship results in a home that is not only beautifully designed, but built to last.

We are continually pushing the envelope in design and innovation so we can build vibrant homes that reflect the unique people who live in them.  When you buy an Isola home, you can sleep well knowing you have chosen to be environmentally responsible and that you have a home that will last you for decades to come. 


We build green!

All of our communities are verified Built Green.

We include environmentally friendly features in all of our homes and we recycle our construction and demolition waste. The included “green” features make your Isola Home more efficient and cost effective to operate. You can also rest assured you have done your part to help the environment by reducing waste and pollution. Isola Home communities are third party verified by an independent consultant to make sure we provide and install these features correctly.


We do more to protect your home from the weather.

We live in a predominantly wet climate which can mean air and water leaks if the building envelope is not prepared correctly. We use the “rain-screen” system on all of our homes, effective in 2015. This means we stand-off our siding from the framed wall a half an inch to provide air circulation behind the siding. This allows the siding to dry on all sides after the rain has stopped.  This is critical to the longevity of the structure and the siding. Rain-screen has been used in Canada for many years and has proven to be a superior system for protecting the building envelope as it is allowed to dry after a weather event. In addition to this, we use Tyvek commercial building wrap under the siding and Tyvek flex wrap at all window openings to help shed water away from the structure. The combined parts of the envelope system is what helps your home stay dry no matter what the Seattle weather throws at us. 


Included features in every Isola Home:

Garage door opener, remote and keypad.

If you have a garage door, it will always include the automatic opener, remote and exterior keypad.  We know you need it, so it is included!

Recirculating hot water.

Recirculating hot water is included in every Isola home so you don’t need to wait for hot water, which can be annoying, wasteful and costly.  Our recirculating pumps come with a timer, so you can set the loop to run when you need it most, keeping the system as efficient as possible.

Window Screens.

Many builders leave out window screens as a cost saving measure.  We include screens on every window that opens so you can let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out!

Blown in wall insulation.

We use the Blown-In Blanket System, or “B.I.B.S.” wall insulation system.  Instead of standard insulation batts we use this system of blowing in the insulation into walls.  A net is placed over the wall framing before drywall.  We then blow in each stud bay with densely packed insulation until the wall cavity is filled 100%.  This ensures that the insulation fills every crevice and that the entire cavity is densely packed with no voids.  This makes for a noticeably quieter home that performs better during the winter months, keeping the warmth in and helping to reduce your energy bills.  


AeroBarrier became a standard feature on Isola homes starting in Spring 2020. AeroBarrier is an air sealing technology that finds and removes leaks from your home's building envelope. As a result, it ensures that your home has cleaner indoor air, fewer dust particles, and improved energy efficiency.

Locally sourced cabinets.

We use cabinets that are built locally, using sustainable materials.  This means less fuel spent getting the cabinets to the job and it helps to support our local economy.  In addition we include Blum cabinet hardware on our cabinets, which is recognized for its ease of use and longevity.  

Formaldehyde free millwork.

At least 80% of our millwork and 100% of our cabinets are formaldehyde free.  This means less off-gassing in your home which provides a healthier living environment. 

Warranty Support.

We know that buying a new home can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.  Rest assured, when you buy with Isola Homes, we make sure that the process is not unnecessarily complicated or intimidating.  Our experienced team of professionals is here to support and guide you through every step of the process and long after sale.  We have a support staff that only covers warranty issues.  We do not ask our project managers to manage service calls while they build homes at the same time.  Our dedicated staff will respond to your concerns in a timely manner so that you can get back to living in your home instead of helping the builder
finish it. 


We are local!

Isola Homes was started in Washington and remains a Washington company.  We are not a national company with financial interest in other states.  Isola Homes is a local company dedicated to sustainable design, environmental stewardship and making a valuable and enduring contribution to the communities in which we live and build.