We are a proud Seattle home builder dedicated to and passionate about building homes that reflect the evolving needs of our homeowners and communities. With each project, we take the time to ensure that we are providing a quality contribution to the neighborhood in which we're building. Our home building philosophy is driven by our three guiding principles: Integrity. Function. Design.

Quality matters in all things and home building is no exception. By continually implementing innovative, sustainable design and environmental stewardship in our construction techniques, our homes stand for their livability, quality construction, and energy efficiency. When you consider purchasing one of our Seattle homes, we want you to feel confident in the knowledge that you'll be making a worthwhile investment. 

Your home is so much more than just four walls and a roof. It's a place where you make memories, deepen bonds, and live your life. The homes we build are designed to enhance the quality of your life. In addition to using aesthetically appealing finishes throughout, all of our properties are also 4-Star Built Green certified. This certification means that our homes must meet a variety of criteria that ensure that they are energy efficient, promote a healthier home environment, provide improved indoor air quality, and include drought-tolerant landscaping and pervious paving (among other items). All of these criteria work together to ensure that you enjoy a home that has lower operating and maintenance costs.

The varied and deep talent that our team brings to the table each and every day allows us to do what we love and to do it well - build amazing homes for amazing people in an amazing city. 

If you're looking for modern homes for sale in Seattle, take a look at our Communities page to see all available and coming soon properties.