from Our Partners, Neighbors, and Homeowners


"This was our first Isola Home purchase and we were impressed with the build quality and thoughtfulness of utilizing existing space for storage.

Their choice of high-end appliances, fixtures and detail was impressive as well as their thoughtful floor plan to maximize our 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse. I wished we had off street parking, but the walkability and location near local stores, shops and public transport persuaded us to purchase the home.

Their attention to detail during our walk through was fantastic as their rep carefully walked us through on how to use the appliances, heating and air condition systems. I've bought homes from builders in the past, and compared to these other builders, Isola Homes is top notch and the gold standard of building homes."

Alice L., Zenith Towns Homeowner


"Isola Homes is very easy to work with and their attention to detail is really good."

Yishen L., Zenith Towns Homeowner


"As first-time homebuyers, this is a wonderful home for me, my boyfriend, and our two dogs!"

Carrie L., Tate Homeowner


"I had a fantastic experience buying with Isola homes. The quality of their homes are outstanding, and the staff was very knowledgeable on all aspects. The highlight for me was the orientation a week before closing. The staff walked me through every aspect of the house, and really helped me understand everything I need to know to have a successful home ownership experience."

Adithya M., Cabochon Homeowner


"I'm very happy with my townhouse. It's beautiful inside and out, and I love the location in a walkable neighborhood with the light rail station a few blocks away."

Laura G., Zenith Towns Homeowner


"Isola is fantastic. Each of their staff members we interacted with were helpful and communicative. Before buying the home Isola was incredibly accommodating to requests that we made for little improvements or tweaks. After buying our home, we had to submit a warrenty claim for a small item and they were so helpful and immediately came out and fixed our issue. We really are blown away by their amazing customer service and careful attention to detail."

Maura B., Zenith Towns Homeowner


"Good quality construction. The buying process was smooth and easy. They have a great team that are responsive and very helpful. I would totally recommend Isola Homes."

Vy N., Trondheim Homeowner


"We were so happy to find an Isola home when looking for a place in Seattle!"

Becca L., Zenith Towns Homeowner


"We really loved the floor plan what was different from most homes and fitting best for our needs, where kitchen was placed between living and dining area. Also appliances and finishes were up to our expectations."

Olga G., Cabochon Homeowner


"We recommended Isola to our friends and 2 of our friends recently bought an Isola home. We are in process to purchasing another Isola home!"

Siwei G., Bloom Homeowner 


"We were so excited to find new construction in an older, close to the city, residential neighborhood! The design is great - we wanted efficient space, not just more footage - and we wanted certain luxury features, like the soaking tub and higher end appliances that many of the new units we looked at just don't have. We are happy to have found our Isola home."

Tina D., Baymont Homeowner


"Great homes. Very good development. Thoughtful planning and great crew that helped us get setup."

Bryan D., Emory Homeowner


"Our home has been a dream to live in since we moved in. It is clear Isola prides themselves on quality, and we can attest to that. The staff we were in contact with after the purchase of our home were extremely helpful and a pleasure to speak with as well, definitely would recommend!"

Ena H., Lucca Homeowner


"Great overall experience!"

Jared H., Enso Homeowner


"The Isola Team is a pleasure to work with-purchasing a pre-sale property can be a leap of faith but the process was a positive experience due to the professionalism of Isola's entire staff."

Kelly M., 24th + Judkins Homeowner 


"Isola Homes is truly an amazing company. The homes are stunning and the whole buying process with them was smooth."

Sudarshan R., Enso Homeowner 


"I found the level of care, passion, and professionalism at Isola Homes to be outstanding!  They were always ready to take my call, answer my questions, and deliver results.  I could not be happier with the finished product of my home and would consider following this company in the future as my home needs change.  I appreciate everything that they did for me."

Tucker S. Vida Homeowner 


"I truly love my new Isola home, I not only gained a new place to call home, but I developed lifelong friendships.  The experience of buying/selling/packing/moving is crazy but Isola took great care to eliminate the stress by truly do things for me... All I had to do was show up!!!  Thank you, Isola, we love our home!!"

Anita E., North Admiral 4 Homeowner


"We’ve really enjoyed working with the people at Isola, from start to finish. At our first meeting at Isola offices we learned about their building process and got all of our questions answered. It was nice to have a specific person assigned to help us. In our case, we watched construction over several months and if Isola people grew weary of our constant questions they never showed it! Once in the house we received a great tour with full explanations of the appliances, water heater, etc. and a thumb drive with detailed homeowner’s manuals. Over the next few months there were a few things on the “punch list” and Isola’s handyman did a great job of taking care of each one. Thank you Isola for the great customer service! "

Doug P., West Village Homeowner 


"Awesome experience with my Isola Home. We love it, and were made to feel part of the Isola family from the start! "

Kevin B. and Joe B., Anda Homeowners 


"Good afternoon to all the Isola Family and to whomever may read this, I just completed a blue tape walk through on behalf of my client Marie Chervanick and I have to say…..I am blown away and in awe, to say the least.

As a buyer of large homes on the Eastside several years ago (prior to my 2nd career as a Realtor) from the likes of Connor Homes, Burnstead and Buchan, as well in my role as a buyer’s agent who has had the good fortune of touring countless townhomes all over Seattle, various sub-neighborhoods as well as the Eastside that….Chuck is the sharpest, most on-top-of-things, attentive to every minute detail of quality and also just a being who exudes pride in the company that he represents as well as in himself.

Chuck exemplifies what I have always felt from your company - immaculate detail to delivering THE highest quality home to all of your buyers. I want to thank Chuck and you all again for this experience which bolsters my confidence that commerce can and is being done with loving kindness and a fair exchange in all ways. My deepest gratitude and honor for who you are and what you offer. "

Annie Hart, Windermere Realtor 


"Hello! I live directly across the street from your Lakeview Kirkland community that's currently under construction. I'm writing to thank you for working with very exceptional construction crews. My husband, young daughter, and I really appreciate that everyone on the job site seems to work hard at blending into the neighborhood as much as possible instead of standing out. I've never seen a cleaner site! Unlike other under-construction homes in our area, there isn't trash in the gutter or dirt all over the sidewalk. And it's fantastic that no one smokes or plays loud music all day long. That takes effort and respect and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Thank you!"

Laura D., Kirkland Homeowner 


"We bought a pre-sale townhome from Isola Homes, we were impressed with the examples of their styling and the quality of fixtures and fittings used in other builds. The project did over run by just over two months due to issues with a fire pump that wasn't up to spec and had to be replaced which delayed closing. But other than that Isola worked hard to make up for it and remained on site for more than a month after closing to make sure any and all outstanding issues were attended to and corrected, lets face it there's never going to be a new build that doesn't have minor issues to iron out and Isola handled them professionally. To me the biggest credit to Isola was their honesty, they weren't afraid to admit when a mistake had been made and were clear about what they would do to rectify it and they followed through."

James M., Phinney Ridge Homeowner 


"I want to thank you once again for facilitating the most amazing experience of hospitality, warmth, kindness and professionalism I have ever encountered this morning !  You exemplify everything that I have come to feel that Isola stands for and not only this amazing company, but human beings in general.  I have, as you may know, represented many buyers throughout the years as their trusted advisors for the purchase of new construction properties.  Of all the many builders/building companies I have had the good fortune of dealing with, I can honestly say that the company you represent is the best I have seen, and you in your role representing them, the best representative of that whom I have ever met.

It is my wish that what is expressed here would be passed along to the highest echelons of your great company, collective known as Isola Homes.  To whomever you deem appropriate, I echo these words to each and every one of them."

Annie Hart, Windermere Realtor 


"We moved into our home at the beginning of August and wanted to express our thanks and appreciation of our Project Manager (PM) and assistant Project Manager. The first few weeks that we were here, they were attentive and helpful, often checking in with us as to how the home ownership was going and to see if we had any issues.

It's been a while since I've purchased a newly built home, but I can tell you that I've not received such great service from a truly authentic and caring couple of employees. Johann hasn't stopped short of checking in with either of us when we see him in the neighborhood - and has been on top of our (single, up to this point) question, which he resolved and then showed us how to resolve on our own.

Bjorn has been meticulous in his finishing off of our punch list from our initial move-in; he is detail oriented, dedicated, funny and shares the understanding of the importance of a great customer experience.

I just wanted to let you know that I think the world of our experience with Johann and Bjorn, and wanted to commend you (and them) on their performance."

Kim T. + Stephan S. 


"I wanted to thank you and your team for the great home we purchased from you and the support you have provided. It's been a year and the Isola team has definitely stood behind the brand. We are very happy that we purchased this home."
Abid A.


"We love our Isola home! It feels solid and has quality finishes. The Isola team has also been super responsive."
Ballard Homeowner


"This is the second home we've purchased and both happened to be new construction. Working with Isola was vastly superior to our last experience. They really care about your happiness with your new home. They are communicative, available and welcome feedback at every stage of the process. I trust them to address any issues with speed and the attention they deserve. Hopefully we'll be in our new place for a while, but if not I would definitely look for another Isola home."
Megan N. 


"To whom it may concern,

I have been a Realtor since 1977 and I have a strong background in new home sales.

When we were looking for our second home in Seattle, our son-in-law recommended Isola homes. We found a home, made an offer and I have been pleased ever since.

  • The customer service and customer communication prior to closing was excellent.
  • The walk through was educational and started on time
  • The closing was smooth
  • The 'thank-you' gifts were unexpected and lovely
  • After-care has been a snap as there have been a couple issues.
  • And the concern about the buyer experience on the seller's part has been delightful.

I've worked for dozens and dozens of builders over my career and none has had the thoroughness in customer care that Isola Homes has.

A Happy Isola Homeowner."
Margo H.S. 


"I am also glad I purchased an Isola home. I have been pleased working with all of the Isola team over the past couple months. I grew up in a new construction home where we knew the builder personally. My mother still gets together monthly to play Pinochle with the builder's wife; this has now gone on for nearly 50 years. We knew if we had any problems with our home we would be taken care of.

I also know that Isola stands behind their work which gives me great confidence in owning this home. If I do have any issues I am confident Kevin will make sure the issue is taken care of in a timely manner.

Thanks again for building my home and for your patience."


"To the Isola Team: Thank you very much for going above and beyond to ensure we could move into our new home last weekend! Your hard work, creative problem solving and genuine care for our family was evident throughout the home buying process, especially as we neared close (and as Brian and his awesome team continue to help us with final items!). Also, we love the thoughtful housewarming gifts. We'll be sending a pic of the twins in their adorable Isola onesies as soon as they grow into them. :) Thank you again for everything you did to make us a priority and for building such a beautiful home for our family."
Hilary & Mike M.


"Our mission at Seattle Land Broker is to only represent the best builders as defined by these qualities: integrity, quality construction, excellent customer care and follow up and professionalism. Isola Homes scores an A+ in all of these areas. Their main objective is customer satisfaction and it is no accident that Isola Homes has become synonymous with the best new construction builder in Seattle."
Janette M., Seattle Land Broker Real Estate Agent


"I wanted to pass on that the inspector, who I use often, said that was one of the best made houses he's been in ages. Said that on a scale of 1-10, it's a 10. Said earlier in week he inspected a $1.7M home and that it didn't hold a candle to it. He was so impressed and went around pointing out the details to my clients that he appreciated, like how well squared things were, how the doors hang, the soffit lights on the back porch. Not one detail went unnoticed and he shared them all with the clients - clients were over the moon and just feel so fortunate."
C. F., Windermere RE Buyer's Agent


"I wanted to send a note of appreciation for the project manager at the new homes on Bowen Pl S. in Seattle. I live across the street and, along with other neighbors, was worried about noise and mess when we heard about the new homes being built. But everyone on the project has been respectful and tidy and greatly respectful of the neighbors. The project manager, in particular, has worked tireless hours to make sure everything runs smoothly. He cleans up before and after each day and the project site always looks pristine. We greatly appreciate all he has done to make this as low impact as possible on the neighborhood."
Columbia City Neighbor


"My husband and I have bought and sold a few homes throughout our 12 years of marriage and I have to say that hands down, Isola has been the best experience that we've had. Our home was finished out with the highest regard to detail, quality and beauty and we couldn't be happier with our experience! As always with new construction homes, there are a few bugs (nothing major) but we feel very valued as a customer/buyer - any phone call is followed up on immediately and any question or concern has been taken care of within a day or two. We will continue to love our new home and feel good about its quality construction and beautiful finishes for years to come!"
The Hill Family, Medina, WA


"Again, thanks for building such a fantastic home. The effort, uniqueness and level of detail you guys put into it was evident the moment we walked through the door and we feel really fortunate to be a able to call it our new home. I'd also like to reiterate our appreciation for how accommodating you've been in the time since we made the offer - it made a complicated process much easier and gave us no doubt that we'd made the right decision. Thank you! We'll definitely do our best to spread the Isola name."
The Clarke Family, Seattle, WA


"Thank you to Nan and Ron for showing these two homes to me on that Saturday and supporting me along the way - To Fletcher who worked so hard to get it ready in time and was always able to answer all of my questions - To Matt and Chuck who helped along the way too and especially to Colt for allowing me to buy this as a pre-sale and for being such a good partner during all of the bumps on the journey. This short email will not do justice to how thankful I am to each of you. This house is my oasis in Seattle and I love it. Thanks! " 
Susan - Seattle, WA


"I bought a gorgeous new townhouse from Isola Homes in December and I couldn't be more thrilled with my new place and the overall experience of buying from this builder. Isola Homes is a company that truly builds amazing homes using the best products and then stands behind their homes. As in any new home a few things came up that needed to be addressed (appliances etc.) they were there every step of the way to make sure everything was taken care of and I was completed satisfied and happy. The project manager, Jason and his entire team has been a dream to work with and his overall follow through has been above my expectations which are very high because I worked for Nordstrom for 14 years and Chanel for 5 years so I truly understand and expect a high level of service. If I was ever to buy another place, which I’m not planning to because I’m obsessed with my new home but I would only buy from Isola Homes based on my experience and the trust I now have with this company. I think many companies out there could learn something from Isola Homes about customer service and standing behind their product. Thank you Isola Homes and Jason for helping me find my perfect home!!"
Colleen F. - Seattle WA


"We were very happy to work with Isola Homes. They really do a good job of guiding you through your new home, and they take a lot of pride in their craftsmanship. Chuck has been great in following up on every little thing that has come up in our home."
Rafa & Dany - Seattle WA


"We are very happy with our experience in working with the ISOLA team. Being first time homeowners, the entire team was involved in the contract, selections, addressing questions until the closure and even the post closure support has been exceptional. I can definitely say for ISOLA - quality homes and satisfied customers is their goal."
Yogita T. - Seattle WA


"I am the proud owner of one of the units in West Seattle. My wife and I have been there for just over a year now and, with that, came our year end warranty work. Kevin Ward is my contact for this work to get done. Through all the interactions, about all the minor issues, Kevin has made us feel comfortable, cared for, and important. He is an exceptional representative for your company and I just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the beautiful house and the exceptional employees you have caring for us."
Tom and Rebecca - Seattle WA


"I would buy an Isola Homes over and over. We absolutely love the design of these homes and are very pleased with the quality of which they are built! It is nice to have a home builder that appreciates nice finishings/upgrades and for thinking out of the box when it come to the design of their homes. They get it!"
Tim and Kwan - Seattle, WA


"Working with Isola was a pleasure, responsive to all of our questions big or small, is important in today's fast paced living. The style and layout of our home is outstanding! Having downsized by half we really appreciate the storage worked in to all the typical "dead" spaces throughout the house (under stairs, next to appliances, in bathrooms). Overall it has been an enjoyable experience purchasing and living in our Isola home!"
Christy - Seattle, WA


"I'm very happy with our home. Love the open floor plan and bright airy feeling of our home!"

Mary S. - Seattle, WA