At Isola Homes, we're dedicated to building the very best homes because we're committed to providing quality contributions to Seattle's neighborhoods and residents. Our homes are designed with an eye toward the future as we take the time to consider the ever-changing needs of our homeowners and communities with each project. While the quality of our homes reflects on us, we strive for it to also reflect the values of the unique individuals who live in these homes as well as the personality of the neighborhood.

Our modern, Built Green homes boast a bevy of energy efficient features so you can feel good about the home in which you're investing. In addition, these features are cost-efficient, making it easy for you to save money every year. And while we're passionate about sustainable design and environmental stewardship, that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to an Isola home. We are also details people. Just like you care about all the elements involved in your home's construction, so do we. From flooring and cabinetry to light fixtures and appliances, our team attends to every feature of your home with the same care and consideration we'd use with our own.

Isola Homes was founded in Washington and we remain a Washington company. We're proud to be a local business. The Isola family represents a varied and deep well of talent that has made it that much easier for us to build amazing homes in Seattle for amazing people. We remain committed to a culture of achievement wherein accomplishing goals and keeping our promises creates significance and enjoyment in our careers. We stand committed to our three guiding principles: 

Integrity. Function. Design.

Looking for green Seattle homes for sale? Check out our Communities page for available and coming soon properties.


Living Roof of Alto Townhomes Unit by Isola Homes