How to Achieve a Green Lifestyle

In honor of National Earth Day, we are sharing with you 5 easy ways to obtain a natural household. 

1. Practice Sustainable Agriculture. Take advantage of Isola’s rooftop decks to start growing your own food! OR if getting your hands dirty, and sowing seeds just isn’t your “thing” you can still support the sustainable lifestyle by buying at a farmer’s market. Here are a few of Seattle’s best farmer’s markets:

​2. Conserve Water. The majority of Isola’s homes include tankless hot water heaters, 0.8gpf toilets, and watersense plumbing fixtures so there isn’t much more a homeowner can do, right?

Wrong! Here are a few more tips to conserve water:

  • Wash your car with a bucket and sponge instead of a hose. Leaving a hose run for 1 min. can waste up to 6 gal. of water!

  • Wake up early to water your plants. During hot weather the water will evaporate before plants can absorb it.

  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth.

  • Scrape your dirty dishes into the compost instead of rinsing them off.

  • Make sure your dishwasher and clothes washer are completely full before turning them on.

  • Skip bottled water. Here are a few fabulous reusable water bottles:


3. Use Green Cleaners. Germophobes no longer have to breathe in harsh chemicals to keep their homes spotless. Luckily grocery stores today are fully stocked with green cleaners that contain zero to minimum toxic chemicals. Here are our preferred cleaners:


*Tip: Look for the green seal or ecologic logo on products. 


4. Live Without a Car. To most of us the idea of getting around without a car sounds impossible. But with bike lanes stretching across downtown Seattle and the easily accessible Burke-Gilman Trail, biking around Seattle is a realistic transportation option. If biking to work every day and wearing a dorky (but necessary) helmet doesn’t seem like a fit for you, then consider designating only one day of the week as your “Bike to Work Day.”

May is Bike Everywhere Month. For free bike events all month long join The Cascade Bike Club.


5. Green Your Closet. Thrift shopping has never been so cool! With Macklemore’s popular hit, “Thrift Shop” and the demand for a green lifestyle, Seattle’s second-hand shops seem even trendier. Plus thrift shopping is a thrill! When you finally find that prized designer piece for next to nothing you immediately think, “How has no one found this?” and go straight to checkout. Here are a few favorite Seattle shops: